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  • 04/12/2020
Chopstick etiquette in Vietnamese meals reflects not only our cultural traits but also our understated politeness.
Let’s go through 10 unspoken rules while using chopsticks:
  1. Do not make 3 consecutive scoops of rice from the bowl to your mouth with your chopsticks at a time.
  2. Do not bite the chopsticks, spoons or bowls and do not lick the tips.
  3. Do not pick up food from shared bowls and get it directly to your mouth; use your personal bowl as lay-over instead.
  4. Do not hold the bowls and chopsticks in one hand or in your mouth to do other tasks (such as scooping soup) with the other hand.
  5. Use the other end to pick up food for others.
  6. Do not dip your personal chopsticks and spoons in shared bowls.
  7. Do not scour shared bowls for your favourite pieces.
  8. Do not use your chopsticks to hit the bowls or other chopsticks and make noise with those utensils or while chewing.
  9. Do not dip the tips in condiment.
  10. Do not erect your chopsticks in the rice bowl.

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