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  • 04/12/2020

Chinese cuisine has long been an exemplar of Saigon cuisine. Many Chinese Vietnamese and Chinese alleys have made contribution to the unique cuisine scene of Saigon. Delectable dishes which require culinary cleverness have captured the souls of visitors to this city.

Wonton noodle

Wontons, originating from Guangdong – China, are called hoành thánh, or vằn thắn or mằn thắn, in the Southern region. They have filling made from minced pork, seafood and greens with wheat flour wrappers and are steamed before serving.


Braised duck noodle

A proper bowl of braised duck noodle must consist of a big piece of duck giving off strong aromatic smell of medicinal herbs, chewy yellow noodles, and a crispy-fried lean duck leg quarter with juicy meat inside.

Tiều porridge

Tiều porridge was brought to Saigon a long time ago by Chaozhou people. Using practically similar ingredients like Vietnamese innards porridge (plain porridge, small intestine, heart, liver, kidney…), it still has distinct flavours.


Chive cake

Chinese chive cakes have existed for a long time in Saigon. The name refers to an assortment of round chive cakes, egg chive cakes, square chive cakes, taro cakes, jicama cakes served with pickles and condiment. They have thin batter that radiates aroma when fried. Crispy on the outside, soft and slightly chewy on the inside, with strong chive flavour.

Tea egg dessert

Tea egg desert is a popular Chinese dish that helps strengthen kidneys and lungs as well as purify skin and voice. Boiled eggs get boiled again in tea for two hours and let simmer over night, so that the white part gets slightly hardened but the yolk remains soft. The dish is then enjoyed in spoonful with sweet black tea, which gives off sweetness and creaminess from the eggs (without any trace of sickly smell) and strong tea aroma.


Originally a traditional breakfast dish served in bamboo steamers from Guangdong – China, dimsum refers to a whole collection of breakfast dishes including shrimp dumplings, pork buns,  shumai and jiaozi. Besides steaming, it can also be fried or boiled.

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