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  • 16/06/2021

Although being out of the wave of người Bắc 54, Nguyên Sinh Bánh Mì shop, which is on Trần Đình Xu street, District 1, is the place for the Northern Vietnamese people living in Saigon to have Western-style dishes. Nguyên Sinh was originally a brand name of a restaurant serving French food from 1938, with the address of no. 38, Thuốc Bắc Street, Hanoi.

Since 1980, the eldest brother in the family continued the operation of Nguyên Sinh in Hanoi, and the rest of the family moved to Saigon to open the other Nguyên Sinh in Saigon. According to Mr. Nguyễn Mạnh Tùng who ran the Saigon Nguyên Sinh from 1982-1987, the Saigonese people who were affected by American culture seemed to be unfamiliar with French food,
despite its popular existence in Hanoi: “in those days, my father switched to sell 10 types of cold ham. My family just thought that selling ham was much easier than Western dishes, due to the fact that the customers mainly ordered takeaway instead of enjoying food at a restaurant. And my father was right about the market in Saigon during that time – ham sold better than French dishes since the Saigonese really like Bánh Mì”.

Today’s Saigon has cuisine from all of the regions of Vietnam and from other countries as well, especially Japan, Korea, and Thailand. So, what do we eat in Saigon? There are countless variations available in this city – Saigon doesn’t lack anything.

*Source: Sài Gòn- Gìn vàng giữ ngọc 2
*Photo: From the Internet

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