November 28

Do you know that the first modern áo dài made it debut during the 1930? Artist Nguyễn Cát Tường, based on Western modern garment, created a dress with front-back flaps, puff sleeves and Peter Pan collars. This design was criticised for its deviance from previous traditional clothing styles.

After that, aritist Lê Phổ combined Cát Tường (Le Mur) áo dài design with contemporary tunic dress to come up with the modern form which has been used ever since and worn by Vietnamese women to reflect national manners in international context.

Before the appearance of the modern áo dài, what were some traditional attires of Vietnamese people?
You are invited to join a Vietnamese trial class with the topic of Áo Dài – a Vietnamese traditional attire and cultural heritage. We are going to learn about Áo Dài throughout history as well as its appearance in daily life of Vietnamese in general and of Saigonese in particular through a talk with a special guest who nurtures immense love for áo dài and has spent much time researching about it. Lastly, participants will have a chance to try on this Vietnamese traditional attire.

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