October 24

British, Italian and Japanese learners all took part in our exciting and joyful Vietnamese trial classes and a class on how to make fresh spring rolls at Nam Thi Vietnamese Language Training Center on Saturday, October 24, 2020. Without the restraint of a classroom and the need to cram knowledge, they were provided with common words and structures in daily life, related to the topic HOW TO MAKE FRESH SPRING ROLLS, to join the challenging but delightful competition: shopping in Saigon’s traditional markets and ‘bargaining’ like locals. Learners were divided into groups and given the same budget to purchase three ingredients for fresh spring rolls; the winner was one to complete the task with minimum expense. They had to utilise the vocabulary and structures they had studied to bring victory to their team. A Japanese learner attempted ‘good bargain’ to get the lowest prices, while the British and Italian ones wanted to procure freshest ingredients within the limitation of their budget.

After the shopping session, learners were given instructions and practice time on how to make fresh spring rolls before entering a competition to see who could come up with the neatest rolls in shortest time. All stages took place in joyful intrigue. A British learner filmed the whole process to guide his friends and family in Britain to make Vietnamese fresh spring rolls – which he claimed to be delectable. A Japanese one also recorded the class to share his ‘challenging but fun journey’ via his YouTube channel.

The October event, with Vietnamese trial classes and cultural experience, drew to a close in cosy, friendly and joyful atmosphere among participants and organisers from the center. We will meet again, and welcome new friends, in our November áo dài-themed event. We are going to learn about Áo Dài throughout history as well as its appearance in daily life of Vietnamese in general and of Saigonese in particular through a talk with a ‘special’ guest who nurtures immense love for áo dài and has spent much time researching about it. Lastly, participants will have a chance to try on this Vietnamese traditional attire – Áo Dài.

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