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  • 23/01/2021

French cuisine followed their country’s colonisation quest to Vietnam and left a certain impact on local food. Beside baguette, ragout is another familiar name to Vietnamese people.

Ragu (or lagu in several provinces in the Mekong Delta) originated from ragout. In the original French version, meat or fish is cooked with vegetables (there is a vegetarian version too). Herbs like parsley, bay leaves or thyme wrapped in cheesecloth are added into the stew and taken out along with bones at the end of the cooking process.

The ingredients in Vietnamese version include meat (beef, pork or chicken), vegetables (potatoes, onions and carrots), tomato sauce, minced shallots and garlic, spices like curry powder or five-spice powder, and bay leaves.

The dish can be served with steamed rice or Vietnamese baguette and it has appeared quite frequently in Vietnamese year-end parties or family anniversaries.

*Photo: from the Internet

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