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  • 10/05/2022

You have SOME ISSUES while learning and using Vietnamese, such as:

  • Incorrect pronunciation,
  • Failure to get your ideas across,
  • Or misspelling

Nam Thi Vietnamese Language Center brings SOLUTIONS to your PROBLEMS when learning Vietnamese, so that you can:

  1. Communicate in Vietnamese with confidence, comfort, and eagerness
  2. Resolve some issues while learning Vietnamese, such as:
    1. Incorrect pronunciation
    2. Incorrect word choice and sentence structures
    3. Failure to get your ideas across
    4. Misspelling
  3. Open up opportunities in professional and personal lives.


With the CONNECTION program applying in May 2022, you will SAVE:

  • 1,000,000vnd upon registering for 60-hour course.
  • 500.000vnd upon registering for 30-hour course.
  • 20% tuition fee for field trip programs

(Applied for first-time registrations at Nam Thi Vietnamese Language Center)

– Vietnamese tutoring sessions
– Participation in:
• Vietnamese practice sessions with Nam Thi Saystation
• Vietnamese cultural experience events
– Library use, with hundreds of titles
– Entertainment zone at center

EXCLUSIVE OFFERS for the learners of Nam Thi Language at:
– Lee Ho Ma – a Hong Kong restaurant
– Paper and I
– Nam Thi Travel

For more information, Please fill out the form below.

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