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  • 18/01/2021

Either a long-time resident in Saigon or a migrant who comes here to make a living, you are by all means familiar with street vendors, whose appearance can be spotted in any corner of this luxurious and busy city.

With yokes on the shoulders, they relentlessly roam the streets and alleys day by day and attract customers with their rhythmic voice. This practice has withstood time and become a staple in the life of Saigonese, even now.
-“Innards porridge, anyone?”
-“Noodle soup, rice dumplings, rice pancakes, anyone?”
-“Here comes sweet tofu pudding!”…

Such calls from vendors from afar, sometimes at the far end of the alley, can provoke strong appetite from the listeners and vivid imagination of their cravings. Such an exciting experience!
These days, in this ever-changing life, these old-style street vendors have become harder to find. Machines and vehicles have helped to relieve some of their burden. Still, in the mind of Saigonese, the image of a street vendor with worn-out brown áo bà ba, heavy yokes on the shoulders and a conical hat at times has transformed into a cultural slice heavily imprinted even on a sub-conscious level.
If you used to live in Saigon, do you miss the calling from street vendors sometimes?

Photo: from the Internet

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