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  • 26/12/2020
In recent years, Saigonese is no strangers to “Hột gà nướng, hột vịt lộn, hột vịt dữa, trứng cút lộn bắp xào đêeee” (here come grilled eggs, baluts, mixed-in yolk eggs, quail baluts, and sautéed corns”, in which grilled eggs are the newest addition to Vietnamese street food collection.

The dish has its origin from Thailand. The preparation process is fairly simple: the content of the eggs is emptied into a bowl and seasoned with salt, fish sauce, ground pepper, honey, etc. depending on the cook’s recipes. The mix is then sifted through a strainer and injected back into the shells. The eggs get steamed in 8-10 minutes then grilled on charcoal.

The finished dish has no separation between yolk and egg white; it is chewy, salty, aromatic, and often enjoyed with salt, pepper, lime dip. Waiting for the eggs being cooked next to warm charcoal grills in Saigon’s chilly winter days is a hard-to-describe joy that cannot be found all year round!

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