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  • 24/11/2020

November 20th is the chance for students of different generations and everyone in the society, regardless of their profession, to show deep gratitude to education practitioners whose dedicated efforts contribute to the development of the country’s development and affluence.

Vietnamese Teacher’s Day originated in July, 1946, when an international progressive teacher organization was founded in Paris under the name of FISE – Fédération Internationale Syndicale des Enseignants (World Federation of Teachers Union). Vietnam’s National Education Union joined FISE in 1953. From August 26th to August 30th, 1957, a FISE conference was held with the participation from 57 countries including Vietnam and decided to choose November 20th to be the Day of the International Manifest of Educators. This day was first celebrated across Vietnam’s Northern region in 1958.

In the following years, this occasion was celebrated in certain regions in the South too. Every year, the office for education normally published a special journal issue to encourage the persistence of teachers in temporarily-occupied areas.

When Vietnam was finally unified, the day became a staple in Vietnamese educational system. On September 28th, 1982, The Committee of Ministers (which is now the Government) issued Decision 167-HĐBT to officiate November 20th.

Since then, Vietnamese Teacher’s Day (or the Day of Vietnamese Manifest of Educators) has been celebrated on November 20th. This is a joyful occasion for teachers and a chance for the society to give praise to education practitioners, in accordance to the tradition of education reverence.


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