Từ khi em gái lấy chồng, Anh ăn bánh giá (vá) Chợ Giồng với ai?

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  • 05/02/2022
Ever since you got married
With whom can I enjoy Chợ Giồng’s savoury fried pastry?

 These lines mention bánh giá (vá), a staple savoury fried pastry in Chợ Giồng, Tiền Giang Province.
 There are 2 explanations to its name, coming from:
(1) One essential ingredient: beansprouts (giá);
(2) The frying tool (vá) in which prepared ingredients (batter, meat, shrimp, beansprout, mung bean, etc.) are contained during the deep-frying process.

*Source: varied

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